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  •  American Crossroads targeted their donors (0+ / 0-)

    with their ads. Not the voters. Surely not voters with doubts about both campaigns.

    This was a crazy-bad election for them to lose. They had a "free" 35% of the electorate without raising a pinkie:

    -- The standard 15% of the electorate that vote GOP as single-issue anti-abortion no-brainers no matter what.

    -- The additional 20% of the electorate that wouldn't vote for a Black if the alternative was a 15-foot long worm.

    (I'm thinking of Rick Scott. He coils himself into that business suit quite nicely for a worm.)

    All they could get beyond that was 12% from spending a couple billion dollars -- less the 8% in fees.

    In the western states we were running poaching projects. No way to resist targeted these A.C. ads. You can find the ads at the American Crossroads channel on YouTube. They're pitiful -- asking to be turned on their heads.

    There's also gift-of-god / pot-of-gold self-destruction from mindless-GOPer candidates. The single worst example:

    That's would-be Super Lobbyist and former sitting Representative Rick Berg (R-ND) eviscerating himself politically by bragging about his role sneaking 30,000 domestic surveillance  drones into an FAA bill. Even without a Libertarian Senate candidate in ND to draw off votes:

    Hello, Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) !!
    And 55 Senators in the Democratic caucus. Rick Berg's the one and only GOPer dumber than Rove during the 2012 cycle. Took one helluvan effort to beat out Lover Boy.

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