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View Diary: Obama challenges Susan Rice's detractors. McCain vows filibuster but doesn't have votes yet (231 comments)

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  •  I agree Dems need to held accountable (0+ / 0-)

    but where was this concern during the Bush years? And misrepresentations back then were more wilful and carreid more consequences.

    There definitely has been a lot of confusion on what happened. Obama tried to have it both ways and say he mentioned terrorism the next day but he said it in a way where it comes across as a generic warning. And why was Rice mentioning the Mohammad video on talk shows ? I remember the DKOS discussions here and let's face it - a lot of us thought for a quite a few days that it was mostly because of the mohammad video or some people spotanteously using the video as an excuse to carry out their own anti American agenda. Now the Obama administration needlessly complicated things. They should have said that they were investigating and that they knew the facts but weren't going to disclose anything right away for national security reasons. Whatever the truth was, the Obama administration was a little clumsy in how they handled it.

    The problem is this. Benghazi pales next to the lies and incompetence of what we saw during the Bush presidency. Where were mcCain and Lindsay when the other Rice who was actually Secretary of State at the time peddling lies of Cheney? Or the PRESIDENT HIMSELF - BUSH- was peddling lies to the public? If Susan Rice is deemed incompetent or worse, a liar, for mentioning the video, why was Bush deemed acceptable to be in a bigger position - PRESIDENT?

    I am one of the few progressives who find things handled clumsily in Benghazi but it does not make my list of the worst 10 things in our foreign policy in the last decade. Republicans are obviously just trying to exploit this.

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