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View Diary: Obama challenges Susan Rice's detractors. McCain vows filibuster but doesn't have votes yet (231 comments)

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  •  the senate's boyz, mccain and graham (0+ / 0-)

    Losing respect at an exponential rate, mccain and graham are out doofusing george "dubya" bush.
    Spending the last of any credibility that they may still posess,
    commiting incredible acts of political stupidity, they are mules carrying water for a party which continues to exhibit a breathtaking depth of cluelessness. It is a display reminiscent of a "dumb blonde" movie. These two, seem to have been thrown out of a drug establishment labelled, republican insanity. Their latest display of asinine exposition, is an insinuation that the u.n ambassador, Susan Rice, is involved in an yet to be identified american failure of leadership, coupled with Ms. Lindsey's tweet today, that his "aim" was infact at, the president of the U.S., revealing a deeply pathetic duo, who have decided to carry an insane amount of bullshit for the puppet masters of the GOpee party. Alcohol, 'shrooms, oxycontin, and other mind altering drugs should be forcefuly removed from the "medicine  CLOSET" of these GOpers. These two chumps have shown themselves capable of embarassing themselves with a huge amount of naked ass "shitting in the public square". It is not too much to ask the GOpee party to keep its douches on the farm?

    democrats apply reasoning to a problem and its complexities. republicans spurn reasoning and apply "brute" force.

    by longtimelurker on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 07:17:23 PM PST

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