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View Diary: Sheriff Joe humbly suggests he be invited to the White House to drink beer and/or give advice (107 comments)

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    Sheriff Joe ought to be careful because President Obama, being the political jujitsu kind-of-guy he is, might just take him up on his offer and invite him to the White House.

    Sheriff Joe should be careful because just look what happened to NJ Governor Chris Christie when he got mixed up with President Obama.  

    David Petraeus must have developed a secret political sex transformation ray that makes Republicans want to behave better.   I guess this is President Obama reaction to his frustration about the budget deal in 2011 and his whole experience in working with Republicans  Just look at all that Chris Christie lovey-dovey stuff.....those are the side effects of Petraeus' political sex changing ray, first used on Taliban in the Afghanistan War by generals over there and now mixed up with the pentagon-CIA love-pentagon.

    That President Obama, he doesn't mess around....and maybe David Petraeus got too close to the political sex change machine himself....

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