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View Diary: NY Times reporter asks President question that NY Times deems not newsworthy (116 comments)

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  •  And during that time, (4+ / 0-)

    during all that time, I never once heard the President tell the simple truth: That the Senate REPUBLICANS were blocking all that good legislation that was coming out of the house.

    Those "endless procedural delays" you refer to were nothing but REPUBLICAN filibusters and holds.  

    That's the word that Obama refuses to utter: REPUBLICANS.  He likes to blame "Congress" but does not speak the R-word.  

    He seems pathologically afraid of calling them out on their obstructionism.

    Even in today's presser, when Nancy Cordes brought up the familiar bullshit line of the Republicans that mean ol' Barry wasn't being Bipartisan enough:

    But when it comes to your relationships with Congress, one of the most frequent criticisms we’ve heard over the past few years from members on both sides is that you haven’t done enough to reach out and build relationships. Are there concrete ways that you plan to approach your relationships with Congress in the second term?
    the POTUS replied:
    Look, I think there’s no doubt that I can always do better. And so I will, you know, examine ways that I can make sure to communicate my desire to work with everybody, so long as its advancing the cause of strengthening our middle class and improving our economy.
    [...] And I don’t exempt myself from needing to, you know, do some self-reflection and see if I can improve our working relationship.
    Really, Mr. President?

    You think you might maybe have mentioned REPUBLICAN Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's remark to Heritage that "our top political priority ... should be to deny President Obama a second term"?

    You think you might maybe have mentioned the meeting at the Caucus Room restaurant on fucking INAUGURATION DAY, reported on by Robert Draper, in which high-level Republican office-holders and operatives including Corker, DeMint, Ensign, Kyl, Sessions, Ryan, McCarthy, Lungren, Hoekstra, Cantor, Hensarling, Gingrich and Luntz, basically agreed on a strategy to sabotage Obama's entire first term; if possible to mortally wound him?

    And then you think you might maybe have thrown that asinine question back in Nancy's face and ask: So, Nancy, how exactly do you "reach out and build relationships" with people who have sworn a blood oath to destroy you?  Why don't you ask them, Nancy, what they have done to reach out and build relationships across the aisle?

    This President just won't go there.  He won't tell the truth.  During the hostage situation of summer 2011, first over the debt ceiling, and then over FAA funding, when the Republicans held the country's finances and the FAA hostage, the President repeatedly blamed "Congress" for not dealing with the problem.  As if it were a bipartisan issue.  Giving credence to the insane meme that there are "extremists on both sides" who are just "too partisan" and therefore can't "work together" to "get things done."

    If he refuses to call bullshit on "questions" like Cordes's, then he'll continue to get bullshit.  And until he confronts Republican obstructionism, he'll continue to get Republican obstructionism.  If it were just a cute little board game played by people in Washington, that would be one thing, but this refusal to face and name facts affects every single person in this country (and well beyond our borders as well).

    Sorry.  Unless he (and you) are willing to tell the truth about the reason for the block, for those "endless procedural delays", then I'm not willing to credit him with "giving it a shot."  

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