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View Diary: Romney rides off into the sunset, as big a dick as always (282 comments)

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    F*ck you, Mitt Romney.  First of all, it seems rather natural for people to want something from their government.  I mean, that's whole point, right?  Working together means more "free stuff" for everyone, i.e. the collective good/everyone does better when we take care of each other, vs. "going Gault" and being your own little island of bullshit and ignorance, separate from everyone else.

    Second, what is this forgiveness of student loan interest that he is talking about?  Being in a lot of student loan debt myself, I tend to follow this issue quite closely, and I haven't heard anything about this.  Seems like YET ANOTHER Rmoney lie to me, which I'm sure the TeaTards are swallowing hook, line and sinker.  

    Honestly, I WISH that some sort of student loan debt forgiveness was a topic of conversation amongst the "serious people" in media or politics or during the election cycle.  To my knowledge, however, it was not.  So again, F*CK YOU, MITT ROMNEY, for lying about "free stuff" that I dearly wish Obama had offered me and everyone else like me.  

    Am I wrong here?  Was this an issue in the campaign and I missed it somehow?  

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