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View Diary: A scary but enlighting map that gives me hope on second thoughts (130 comments)

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    Correlation is not causation.    How easily that is forgotten.

    I thought the put-down of rural people as uneducated and especially as unproductive was offensive and untrue.  Productive by what standard?

    I've spent a fair amount of time living and knowing folks in urban, suburban, and rural areas.  I think the primary causal factor is the relative homogeneity or heterogeneity of each area, and the proclivity of some people to choose to be reclusive within selected contained communities.   Though there can be population diversity in rural areas, that sure doesn't mean there is racial community diversity....or especially, religious community diversity.  A lot of people only mingle with others who attend the same church.  

    Others far more learned than me have written about the effects self-imposed community boundaries.  I haven't read all the comments to this diary yet, but I'll be surprised if someone has already cited sources on the topic.

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