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View Diary: A scary but enlighting map that gives me hope on second thoughts (130 comments)

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  •  Here we go again............ (5+ / 0-)

    I get so damn tired of people who keep trying to pigeon-hole, compartmentalize and stereo-typing people, especially when they divide out Democrats.

    As a Southerner, for instance, they f*&$k@%g attitude of the rest of the Democratic America towards us is condescending and or we are just ignored.  This is why we have this red and blue shit.  If a state does not pull 45% of the vote they are not supported.  It's all about the beltway and California- until they want us to give money to one of their candidates, and I always gladly give, but where are they when we need help?

    I think we need to have our own southern Dem strategy because the rest of the nation does not have our backs.  Their strategy will never gain more states.  Any damn fool knows if you want to kill a beast, you go for the heart.  The heart is TX, LA, MS and AL- especially TX, which pulled 41% of the vote and with just a little support from DCCC, DSCC and others could have easily pulled in 45 to 47%- and I'm talking about white votes.

    I have turned Reps into Dems just by telling the truth and be totally honest.  The srategy needs to be changed.

    This "Trickle Down" thing has turned out to be somebody pissing on my leg and tellin' me it's rainin'.

    by swtexas on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 08:58:18 AM PST

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