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View Diary: Extending jobless benefits essential for millions. But chronic economic problems need fixes, too (46 comments)

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    An industrial plan, a permanent (as opposed to ad hoc) government program that provides classroom and on-the-job training to Americans having trouble finding work,
    Might be some benefit in that but the reality is people can already do most of the jobs out there, it's that they're being shipped off to foreign countries because Dollar is God.

    Trained or not, for the most part these jobs keep getting shipped away until there's a global equilibrium of wages. Meaning we'll have jobs back here when Big Money's wish to pay as little as possible for those jobs -- with us "being competitive" on the international market. At a certain point, you're best area for profit is in cheap labor.

    Those who've read their Howard Zinn know that the main reason for the South's succession was because their elites had a vision of an enslaved Caribbean plus all land South-of-the-Border. Slaves are your cheapest labor, there's no way around that. And there's a lot of people who never really gave up on that.

    Just passing the palliatives, however, will require a battle given the make-up of the current Congress. Working on those chronic problems will require not just overturning the GOP majority in the House but replacing those Republicans with dependable Democrats. As we know all too well, some don't fit the bill.
    2014, and possession of both Chambers, will only be attained according to the degree by which the Party clearly and unequivocally stands up for the people...

    ...which means AGAINST Republicans. Pretend for a moment that seeking compromise isn't just plain doofus-level politics, there's just no reason to fail to distinguish ourselves from the voters. That the recent election was even relatively close given the Republicans actual positions and goals bespeaks of a major failure to been seen representing ordinary people. This has to change if we are going to get anywhere.

    The Internet is just the tail of the Corporate Media dog.

    by Jim P on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 07:43:21 PM PST

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