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View Diary: Harry Reid Lays The Smackdown To Scott Brown (274 comments)

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  •  Love Harry. He has to feel confident, or say that (1+ / 0-)
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    I am in MA
    I have posted this on other threads and people not from here have not believed me

    We do not have any depth of quality people for a Senate level run

    People in MA are very loyal. It's hard to get rid of people once they've held office.

    Many on Kos think Brown lost due to neg campaigning. To me, what happened is Irritation at his negative campaigning made them give Warren a second look, only. (as well as her being a Dem, for some people in my state). BUT when she got her second look...there was amazing things to see. She was AMAZING in all but the first debate. Truth teller. Full of integrity. She won on her MERIT.

    Ie Brown did not loose it becaues people hate him. I feel he is still well liked

    I promise you MANY people had a hard time taking a job away from someone. That's what it felt like to them. I promise you MANY MA residents will sadly be HAPPY to give him the other seat feeling it's a WIN WIN

    I am not going to read all the posts here because i am sure many agree with what Harry Reid had to say...had to be confident. DON"T BE. I assume Harry Reid, in talking to Kerry and others MUST know the real situation. Then again, Washington can isolate. Maybe you do need to be on the ground.

    I am telling you unless Duval Patrick quit his Governor ship (which he said he did not  want to do) to run, we have NO DEM that can beat Brown

    Wish I was wrong. Feel I am not. Note that I saw Coakly loosing and WHY five weeks before the election and went around telling everyone and trying to reach her campaign to no avail

    she lost. Everyone was surprised. Could have torn my hair out.

    lets hope I'm wrong. But mark my words and don't be complacent. Thanks

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