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View Diary: Harry Reid Lays The Smackdown To Scott Brown (274 comments)

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  •  I didn't say or mean to imply they weren't (0+ / 0-)

    "Good Dems"

    I meant a Dem good to run against Brown for Senate seat and Win! I did not say he isn't great as a person or in his current role. Entirely on who can win. I admit not knowing Markey hardly at all. Up thread we discussed Capuano and Patrick.

    I saw Capuano during run against Coakley in fact I voted for him.
    He seemed rough around the edges. In my mind Warren won because she is a super star...did amazing in all but first debate. Who she was --smart and sincere--trumped the negative smears.
    Capuano apparently is close to Pelosi. He'll be labeled as a partisan hack -am concerned it'll stick.

    I do know that part of who she is pushes some peoples buttons. I think men more than woman who may judge a woman candidate more harshly. This is born out by HUGE gender gap in this election. (wasnt' it more than 10 pts?)

    he is not as smart nor as wise as Warren. I just dont' see him beating Brown at this time in this climate.

    This was a long conversation. I already talked about Patrick and agree he'd win in a heartbeat if he wanted it.

    I hope you are right and me wrong.

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