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  •  Besides, we don't even know that he wants State. (0+ / 0-)

    Rumors are never more than that, but I've been told by people reasonably close to him that he's not enthusiastic about leaving the Senate for the State Department.  (I didn't think to ask about Defense.)

    I'd love to see Mike Capuano succeed Kerry when he does decide to make a move, but I like our chances much better in a regular election cycle.  And I also don't see why we should be pushing Kerry into an office he isn't sure he wants, when he does excellent work for us right where he is.

    •  It sounds more like it would be (2+ / 0-)
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      aseth, Barbie02360

      Secretary of Defense than State.

      If he wanted State it would have been his name floated and not Rice's.

      I don't want him in either position as I think this Senate seat is a lot more important than people realize.

      Brown was unfortunate to have to defend his seat in a Presidential election cycle.   If he won this special election, he would defend the seat again in 2014 - an off-year election and it would be much easier for him to win.   The next realistic chance to oust him would then be 2020 and after serving for almost 10 years as a Senator it would be very hard to even get rid of him then.

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