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    And as for that "kind of rain you only encounter south of Atlanta and east of Mobile", I ran into some of it west of Mobile (in Texas and Arkansas) a week and a half ago -- that same storm system that ended up traveling up the Atlantic coast to become the post-Sandy noreaster that welcomed me back to New Jersey after I arrived here!

    Cheers to truckers everywhere!  Your post should be required reading in all driver-ed courses.

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      Like nothing I've ever been through before, almost worse than a blizzard.  Like driving into a wall of water falling out of the sky.  You could see it coming - a grey wall up ahead and seriously had to decide whether to pull over to shoulder and let it pass (NOT!) or let off on the gas and keep an eye out for the inevitable crashes to have to drive around.  Stopping would be a very bad idea because chances are getting stuffed from behind would be the outcome.

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