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  •  I-80 across Wyoming (3+ / 0-)
    About 20 miles west of Rawlins, after a couple of hours of running on the same stuff, I topped a hill (MM 184 for those into details) and knew I was in serious trouble. Scattered at random over the mile-and-a-half long downslope in front of me were between 15 and 20 various trucks and cars, including a couple of State Trooper cruisers that were slid off to the right.
    In my 2000 Subaru Legacy L, I drove across Wyoming I-80 in a harsh winter. I saw several trucks that had skidded off the side of the road. I was with a friend, and it was one of the fiercest driving conditions I'd ever encountered. I'm chicken, and it was getting dark, so I was just going about 20-25 miles an hour til we came upon a motel. Even the next day, I went pretty slowly.

    In younger days, I was driving across country in the middle of the night and spent a very safe number of hours driving in the "rocking chair" with my handy CB and two very funny, very kind truck drivers.

    And lastly, when my Dad was old, we could not get him to stop driving. One very rainy afternoon, he went out in spite of our pleas and offerings to drive him, and he was gone a long time. When he finally got home, we were greatly relieved. I said, "Dad, did you have any trouble driving in the rain?" He answered, "Nope. A lot of people around me did though."

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