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View Diary: UPDATED: Outgoing Maine GOP Chair to investigate "dozens of black people that voted election day" (155 comments)

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  •  Actually, this story has been repeated (14+ / 0-)

    many times in the past as justification for voter ID laws.

    The way the story usually goes is that many busloads of unregistered voters are brought to the polls, let off, and permitted to vote on the spot even though they are not registered. Or they are permitted to register on the spot and vote, even though they have no documents. Or perhaps that they do have documents, which have been forged by whoever sponsored the trip (ACORN, maybe). Or that they have documents that permit them to vote by impersonating dead people and those who have moved away, or even legal voters, etc. But of course not a single legal voter has ever come forward after someone else voted in their place in a scheme like this.

    I have heard this story told dozens of times over the past couple of years, and each telling situates it near the teller and claims that thousands of illegal votes were cast in that state or precinct alone.

    Of course, the illegal voters in the story are either inner city blacks getting paid for their votes or Mexicans bused directly from the border.

    This is just an instance of the GOP believing their own propaganda. He knows this is just a story and there is no evidence...yet. He is firmly convinced that if the investigation is thorough enough, they will uncover the smoking gun.

    •  Not in rural Maine towns (8+ / 0-)

      Everyone knows you, and there are no blacks who reside in them (for the most part).

      The entire debacle is so pathetically racist, it's beyond pathetic.

      Potential voter must show photo ID (ME driver's license, or a state ID), and proof of residency (i.e., something like a bill or rental receipt, with their physical residential address on it).

      You cannot simply show up sans either of the aforementioned, and vote via provisional ballot.

      The deputy clerk would never allow it (for good reasons).

      We're talkin' small rural Maine towns, here!

    •  That's always the complaint here in MN (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Angela Quattrano

      We have same day registration, and if you read the comments on election result stories from the local papers, it's all "VOTER FRAUD! BUSLOADS OF BLAH PEOPLE GOING FROM POLLING PLACE TO POLLING PLACE AND SAME-DAY REGISTERING STOLE THE ELECTION!"

      It's really incredible and not in a good way.

      I'd take a bullet for Neil Gaiman.

      by imonlylurking on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 10:47:04 AM PST

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