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  •  Yet PBO won all 10 states with highest % of (2+ / 0-)
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    WheninRome, gfv6800

    college grads but lost 9 of the states with the lowest % of college grads.  If you're info is correct, there's somewhat of a paradox there, but I'm too lazy to figure out the explanation.  However, I bet it has to do with most of the low-education states being in the old Confederacy & many of the high-education states having a lot of colleges within their borders & thus a lot of Obama-voting college students who haven't finished their undergrad degrees yet.  

    I do think his point abt so many R opinion leaders not having a college degree is relevant because the right's anti-intellectualism has been increasing for decades until it has now reached incredibly toxic levels.  The right used to have William F. Buckley, Louis Ruckeyser, & Milton Friedman.  Now they have Limbaugh, Beck, Kudlow, & Cramer.  

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