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View Diary: Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act Passes: Guess Who's Left Out? (34 comments)

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  •  I return you to a line from the diary. (7+ / 0-)

    From Tom Devine:

    "...extension of free speech rights to national security workers making disclosures within agency channels.”
    The money quote to me is "within agency channels".  From what I've seen through these diaries through the years, the whistleblowers can't carry out their duties without fear of retaliation when they try and follow the guidelines that are set out for them.  They're told to do things and they take oaths to protect the Constitution and when they try and do what they feel they're obligated to do, and they follow their agency guidelines, they're still subject to harassment, retaliation and even jail time.

    Every case is unique, but I think our government needs more accountability and sunshine.  I think we've gone too far over in giving the interpreters of the rules leeway to decide for themselves what's legally allowable with no checks or balances available to those who might have a different point of view, like Congress.

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