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View Diary: Israeli newspaper: Israel attacked Gaza knowing truce was in the works (238 comments)

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  •  A 'truce' (5+ / 0-)

    is different from peace negotiations, and ceasefires have proven remarkably effective in the past: in 2008, there were months of quiet as Hamas unilaterally adhered to a ceasefire, which was then broken by Israel (to give one example). If you want examples of other ceasefires, check the link to the Jadaliyya timeline in my diary.

    Moreover as I explained, the lull in violence before Israel's attack wasn't merely proposed, it was being implemented: rocket attacks dropped to virtually zero. If Israel was interested in calm, it wouldn't have launched its attack, which was guaranteed to provoke (and itself represented) a new round of violence.

    You say that lulls are always broken 'by both parties'. Sorry, this is too easy. You're helping yourself to a broad generalisation without investigating the facts, which show something quite different: Israel typically ends ceasefires (see the link in my diary, for example). Moreover, Qassam rockets typically follow, rather than provoke, Israeli strikes.

    The grain of accuracy in your comment is, I think, this. When violence breaks out between Palestinian groups and Israel, it isn't because either party is simply bloodthirsty or bored or spoiling for a fight. It's because the fundamental situation is one that produces conflict. Maintaining a military regime over a hostile population for decades requires, inherently, the use of violence to quell the resistance which, inevitably, that regime will provoke. But the solution to this is not for Israel to shell Gaza. It's for Israel to agree to withdraw to its legal border, in line with the international political and legal consensus.

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