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View Diary: Is Netanyahu Killing Palestinian Children because Palestinians seek upgraded UN status (135 comments)

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  •  Why is it OK for Israel to lob munitions onto (4+ / 0-)

    heavily packed Gazan communities while it is entirely not OK for Gaza to do the same? In an ideal world, neither would be, but we are not there. But there is a point at which those who support this kind of stuff need to deal with the fact that Gazans are fully as human as those Israel claims to be defending, and that the consequences to the Gazans of Israel's long time blockade and pattern of exceptionalism in its military conduct are as legitimately objected to as Israel's own.

    •  "OK" ? well... (0+ / 0-)

      Of course it's not "ok", but the rationale presented is that the Hamas attacks are intended to be indiscriminate civilian attacks, while the Israeli attacks are intended to target military targets . . . and Hamas purposely puts its military targets near civilians (schools, hospitals, etc.) so as to produce max propaganda value when the targets are hit and civilians are hurt - - I used to think that was a BS argument, and, while I'm in no position to judge the degree of validity of it, I now know better than to think it's BS, because it's not.

      •  Your theory of the integrity of the supposedly (0+ / 0-)

        intended target choice overcoming the actual effect of an action is its weakness. There were six dead and forty wounded reported just from the attack on the military fella in Gaza, while the first Israeli fatality was reported earlier today.

        And you will have to demonstrate how it is spatially that there might be a place in Gaza which is far enough from all civilian structures to satisfy your need to argue that militants are hiding behind civilians, so the civilians deserve what they get for letting them do that.

        Otherwise what you are excusing in practice, to be blunt is a wildly disproportionate killing and wounding of civilians, whose only crime was to be in Gaza.

        I am not one of those who will accept an argument, with or without basis, as a way of avoiding real world 3 D consequences of actions  literally taken. Given the time during which Israeli munitions drills have been killing large numbers of bystanders whose deaths are excused because the supposedly intended target was a militant, though the X number of others who also died were not, this is not a matter of failure of execution only, but a matter which Israel has chosen affirmatively to allow and accept as part of what it does. The kind of threats being made here about Palestine better stop X if it knows what is good for it, make it clear that this inhuman disregard is both intended and understood, and understood as acceptable, by  a substantial percentage of Pro Is here, at least in this round of diaries and comments.

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