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  •  Jindal is a hypocrite. Money for hurricanes, not (7+ / 0-)


    Complained Jindal of the package, "It includes ... $140 million for something called 'volcano monitoring.' Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C."
    It is beyond unreasonable for a man who expects us to spend billions to defend a city built below sea level from storms, yet make fun of the efforts to protect cities on the other side of the country from volcanoes.    Before you mock too much, recall that in 1980 Mt St. Helens killed 57 people and devestated areas downstream.   The city of Seattle is in the shadow of Mt Ranier, an active volcano that has the potential to kill millions.    

    Damn straight, we want volcano research.   We also want sea walls and whatever it takes to protect our fellow citizens in New Orleans -- but do not appreciate people from New Orleans mocking our efforts at disaster preparation.   A lot of work has been done and we are better prepared than we were in 1980, but of course much more needs to happen.   People like Jindal are not helpful to American progress.

    •  That is the first thing that comes to mind (1+ / 0-)
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      whenever I see his name or face: That he thinks only Hawaii has active Volcanoes and that we should defund the USGS because "they don't do nuthin but suck money down for no apparent reason."

      Hey Bobby, you lay down with baggers, you wake up with dain bramage.

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