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View Diary: McBitter McCain too busy hammering Susan Rice for the cameras to attend briefing on Benghazi (172 comments)

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  •  >>>where were McCain and co then? (5+ / 0-)

    Don't know specifically about McCain but from what I recall wasn't "Co" busy "Making the case" for going to war --which included at the time drafting up forgeries; memos about Yellowcake ..which were then purposely "allowed" to fall into the hands of the Italians...see there's our other country believing Iraq was after yellowcake in Niger... (good some one in Italian Intelegence said wait a minute - but not before the Italians were used to make the case to send Jo Wilson to Niger)

    "Co" was also listening to known liars with really dubrius and yet ironic code-names like "curveball"

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