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View Diary: McBitter McCain too busy hammering Susan Rice for the cameras to attend briefing on Benghazi (172 comments)

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  •  to bad MSM can't refute McCain's explanation (0+ / 0-)

    on why it's different.
    BUT NO
    the last thing the public hears in McCain's superficially plausable sounding explanation that "all the intelligence agencies knew". Which was a lie

    it is so unfortunate in this and so many other situations a reporter then doesn't say "That's not true, Senator...the French in fact..."

    Do they not know or do they not care or are the stupid or are they lazy or are they too afraid of the powerful or too afraid to appear to have a left bias??

    Uninformed centrist voter is left with "well all intelligence agencies knew there were WMD..."

    See the reporter doesn't question it. When we don't speak up, it looks like agreement.

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