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View Diary: Tell Congress: No Benefit Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (121 comments)

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    Thank You Mr. Trumka.  The voting part of the election may be over but we as progressives within labor must continue to mobilize and campaign.  I did not call, send money, walk precincts to adopt Mitt Romney's plan to privitize social securty, make severe cuts to medicaid and destroy medicare.  That is not what people voted for or voted down in the case of the Romney/Ryan plan.  

    The grand bargain is fake and so is austerity to prosperity.  Europe tried it and now there is more unemployment and poverty.  That is why there are mounting strikes across Europe.  Austerity falls heavily on the poor, the lower middle class and the middle class.

    We must continue to campaign as if Romney still has a chance of winning.

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