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  •  Finally! Team RubiPam scores a victory in MOP! (4+ / 0-)

    I'll post about this again for the diary next week ( if there is one), but last night (Thursday) Team RubiPam finally downed the first boss in Mogu'shan Vaults, the Stone Guard.  We had been wiping on this fight for 7 previous nights, and were getting pretty tired of it, particularly since we couldn't put our finger on exactly what the problem was.  Well, last night I think we figured it out - we had 3 of our revolving regulars unable to come, so to fill in the last dps slot, Hunkel very kindly brought his priest, with his awesome dps, to help us out, and I think that did the trick.  We wiped a few times, then, boom!  They were dead!  So satisfying! I think it really was a matter of getting our total damage up high enough that we didn't drag down our tanks and healers too much.  This will be our challenge in the future - we will need to up the dps for our normal crew by quite a bit, but I think we can do it.

    We then went on to the next fight, Feng the Accursed, a fight many of us had seen on LFR, but only Hunkel had done on normal, and after about 5 wipes, we kilt him dead!  Thanael and Flint were truly spectacular tanking the mechanics on this fight and everyone was good about moving where Rubidium told us to go.  A very, very satisfying evening, and I hope we can duplicate it when we go again on Tuesday.

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