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  •  Thank you for this transcript! (5+ / 0-)

    Surely the MSM must also have this transcript and are fully aware of what the Ambassador said?  At the very least, David No Nothing Gregory should be acutely aware of the facts.  This simply does not comport with the accusations now being made by McCain-Graham.  Why doesn't the media forcefully call them out on it?  And I don't mean the half-assed questioning just this morning that Matt Lauer conducted with McGrumpy on the Today Show.  

    In a way, I hope they (McCain-Graham) continue on their ill advised mission.  It will only blow up in both their faces as well as their new ally, Kelly Ayotte.  (See Mitt Romney Debate #2).  

    And to top it off, sore loser McCain couldn't even be bothered to attend the latest briefing, his office citing a scheduling error.  Scheduling error my ass!  This fool must know he is on a fool's errand here.  He doesn't want the facts to intrude upon his myth-making enterprise.  I guess he can always later say "he wasn't aware" of the new details outlined in the last briefing.  

    What a sorry lot...  

    •  I think the President slapped them down (1+ / 0-)
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      Forward is D not R

      pretty hard yesterday. I just feel sorry for Amb. Rice. I have always found her to be incredibly bright and a delight to listen to because of that. And now the same guys are beginning to attack Sen. Kerry. So, is it their plan to make this administration impotent by denying any of the President's appointments?

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