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View Diary: Chain Restaurants, exploitation of employees, arrogance, greed, and crappy food. (175 comments)

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  •  That would be a mistake (18+ / 0-)

    (Sector, since you're repeating yourself, so will I.)

    We cannot wait to push back. We cannot wait till we can do everything perfectly.

    Courageous people have to start now, and do the best they can, and I suggest WE help them.

    WE all need to do our part, and boycott the chains and the junk food pushers and the corporate ag behemoths.

    That is how we can help the smallscale local healthy upstart restaurants survive.

    But even when a little business is just getting started or just getting by -- just "surviving" -- nobody is getting paid much out of it, be they parttimer, fulltimer, boss, or owner.

    WE need to channel our food dollars to those that deserve them, and help them thrive... and by that stage they better be sharing the wealth fairly, with good solid pay and benefits for all who do the work -- and if they don't, we need to help hold those owners accountable.

    Remember, the "perfect" is the enemy of the good. Holding out for "perfect" prevents us moving forward, gaining momentum, making progress.

    #3: ensure network neutrality; #2: ensure electoral integrity; #1: ensure ecosystemic sustainability.

    by ivote2004 on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 11:14:03 PM PST

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    •  When I started my business (7+ / 0-)

      I took no pay from my business for the first 5 years, and it was 8 years before I was making more than minimum wage.  I was working another job to make ends meet.  That's worse than most people experience, but it is never easy.    My workers were far better paid than workers in similar businesses in the area.  That is how good workers are attracted and kept, which in turn is a key to success.  However, inasmuch as it was seasonal work, there were no benefits.  

      The economic rewards were in the sale of the business when I retired, but the reasons I did this were primarily about personal autonomy and being sick to death of working for the people I had been working for.  My son's anger at his employers hasn't reached that point this time around.  He has already tried to start one business, motivated both by disgust and a narrow but significant market he thought was not being serviced.  His workers were similarly well rewarded but paid as part timers.  Unfortunately, his first time effort failed when the market he was serving died in the recession.

    •  Always always.... (7+ / 0-)

      I support my local businesses when I can.  Whether its the family owned hardware store or non-chain restaurant (which includes takeouts and pizza).

      The restaurant business is a hard business to maintain. Period.  A lot of work and sweat, little money the first year.  Make it past the first year, and maybe there can be increase in wages.  Make it past the second year and maybe the owner (be it chef or partners in business) will start to make a profit of some sort.

      I agree with you totally.

      All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

      by kishik on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 07:25:22 AM PST

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