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  •  Less than 50 employees (1+ / 0-)
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    Donkey Hotey

    Once the company expands to 50 and more employees, full health insurance must be purchased.

    More than likely, they won't be able to afford it and will do several things:

    1. Cut hours
    2. Cut employees
    3. Breach each location into a separate business.

    •  They won't do 1 or 2 (1+ / 0-)
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      Businesses employ people for one reason: to meet the demand for their good or service.  These employers don't have people just standing around doing nothing; if they cut hours, they'll have to hire more people, and if they cut employees, they'll have to give the remaining employees more hours.  Unless, of course, they're just making these cuts out of spite and they don't mind reducing revenue.

      As for #3, I'm not sure how the ACA is written, but I doubt splitting the business would exempt the employer.  If it did, a restaurant franchisee wouldn't be worried, because a typical individual Denny's employs fewer than 50 people.

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