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  •  Don't bother with gourmet cookbooks (0+ / 0-)

    Get a copy of Fannie Farmer - she literally wrote the book on good plain cooking. I still draw 80% of my cooking from Fannie, and I've been cooking for 60 years.

    She also explains in considerable detail what to do and how to do it. (The older editions are even better at this.)

    Note: most recipes can be halved as well as doubled, as long as you can work out the math. Some aren't worth halving (anything that requires "1 egg", or a recipe for one pie crust).

    Hit up Goodwill, yard sales, Freecycle, friends for pots and pans - you don't have to have a fancy matching set to get started. You can go for quite a long while with just one large and one small saucepan, one medium size frying pan, two or three graduated bowls, and a few inexpensive baking pans. Just make sure they're clean and in good shape, and don't sweat the looks otherwise. You can always add more items one at a time as you go.

    As for herbs and spices and things, a few basics will take you a long way (and a green thumb, if you have or can develop it, will help). Salt, pepper, parsley, oregano, onion and garlic powder/salt/dried/oil, and a few other stand-bys you have tried and know you like. Don't waste money on fancy stuff unless you have tried it and know you like it (I LOATHE saffron and won't touch the stuff). I grow my own basil - it's a relative of mint and very easy to grow as long as it can get enough sun and water. (Basil IS a water-hog and won't tolerate as much drought as most mints, so keep that in mind.) For that matter mint in general is extremely easy and will stand for a lot of neglect.

    You can freeze quite a lot of things for surprisingly long periods, as long as you have freezer room. Then you don't have to worry so much about "how well does it keep?"

    If it's
    Not your body,
    Then it's
    Not your choice
    And it's
    None of your damn business!

    by TheOtherMaven on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 09:22:14 PM PST

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