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View Diary: Remember when Mitt Romney was going to win Oregon? (169 comments)

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    Oregon seems like a very blue state, which has been emphasized here repeatedly, but all that red on the map does look pretty scary. Being a libertarian type of liberal, if that can happen, I flirted with the idea of voting for Gary Johnson, since Obama looked like a sure thing. I went back through the historical election results, and he looked to be a shoo-in.

    As a side note: my enthusiasm for GJ waned a little bit when OPB interviewed him. I thought that as a former Republican governor, he would have a more balanced view of government than a typical Libertarian, but he was towing the party line pretty well. Libertarian solutions to societal issues always seem a little hollow when you view government solutions working as intended (it happens!), and try to imagine market forces effecting the same desired results. Making shit happen always works better than waiting for shit to happen.

    About election day I started to get a little paranoid that Romney had a chance out here. I live in the far east of the state, sage brush country, and split my time in Bend. Walden country is solidly red (dude got 69% of the vote this time 'round, 74% in 2010), everything east of the Cascade crest is essentially Walden country.

    Even in Bend, which is looked at as liberal yuppie-ville by the rest of the dry side, just about every political sign was for Romney, Walden, Conger, Buehler, Knopp (if this name is pronounced ka-nope, then why is Buehler's first name not pronounced ka-nut?) or Greene.

    Additionaly, the mail-in ballot system that supposedly favors Democrats seemed like it might backfire. If you live in Harney, Lake or Malheur counties, it could be two hours to your polling place. This vote by mail thing is really a great thing for those guys, and you know a rancher's family isn't going to have a lot of disparity between ballots. Luckily there's probably less than ten thousand people that fit this scenario.

    I ended up voting for Obama, and I'm happy he won, though it was more of an anti-Romney vote than an endorsement for the guy. I'm not too happy about drone warfare, assasinations of US citizens, indefinite detention without trial, conflation with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts, and a whole shit-ton of other things, but my vote was a vote for the superiority of Democratic ideals. I'd rather have our guys and gals on the bench in the Supreme Court that those of the backward party.

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