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View Diary: Hitler Finds Out Obama Won Re-election (Video) (188 comments)

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    At first your subtitles were a little disconcerting, because I know a tiny bit of German but even more because I had already seen Downfall a couple of times, and I knew just what Hitler was talking about: the lack of success a German general named Steiner was having keeping the Russians from closing in on the last few square yards of Berlin.   But all that quickly dropped away, and I also thought your last line was great.    I've read that Rove himself had just such a meltdown, only not with as much obvious rage, and he had it right in front of the Fox cameras.   So instead of having Hitler saying, "Bring me Karl Rove," it could just as well have been an equally odious character being sent for, of which the Repubs have no lack.   The Republicans' chief spiritual advisor, R. Limbaugh, jumps first to mind

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