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View Diary: Hitler Finds Out Obama Won Re-election (Video) (188 comments)

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  •  Godwin's Law applies to any political discussion. (3+ / 0-)
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    Yes, I'm quite familiar with Downfall parodies, even started to make one for friends some time ago (never finished).

    For non-political topics it can be funny. Heck, as I said, it's even funny here -- just inappropriate. Not every joke that makes us laugh belongs on the front page. Agreed? And that doesn't mean that critics lack a sense of humor, are uninformed, are unchill, knee-jerk, etc.

    There is a whole YouTube channel devoted to "rants," for everything. Most of which have zero to do with politics.  The first one I saw was years ago and devoted to World of Warcraft.
    YouTube is a fine place for them, and World of Warcraft,  hockey, iPhones, and other non-political topics are fine targets.
    Really it's just to see if one can get good enough dialogue in general, and especially to make it match up with the actions in the clip.
    Um, thanks for explaining?
    So it really isn't us comparing Romney to Hitler.
    Tell that to someone who didn't vote for Obama, while you're watching the video together.
    people living in a bubble, refusing to deal with reality
    Of course. A classic Godwin's Law example is saying: "Well, Hitler was a vegetarian, too." The person is (usually) not really suggesting that his/her vegetarian opponent engages in mass murder. But it is using the weight of Nazi atrocities to try and make a point (often wrapped up as a joke).

    nota bene: if I weren't engaged in dialogue with you I would Hide Rate your ad hominem slur ("ridiculous knee-jerk response"). You owe me an apology.

    Twigg: Yes, I read your comment before I posted mine. Chill, yourself.

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