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View Diary: And now for the part where Republicans distance themselves from Mitt Romney (169 comments)

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  •  This might be Mitt's one true gift (11+ / 0-)

    to the Republicans.  Now they can all pile on him and pretend he was their only problem.

    Way, way back when the Republican field was crowded with the sweater vest, the crazy Minnesota lady, Scary Rand Paul's Dad, Fig Newton, etc, I kind of thought that old Mittens might not be a terrible alternative if Obama had to lose.

    Then I actually watched Mittens.  I watched him actually try and sell self-deportation as an immigration policy.  I watched him behave like a fool.  Then I watched his organization (the ones that would surround him in the White House had he won) do a terrible job with the campaign...from choosing not to campaign after his convention to running a terrible convention, etc.

    Then I realized that Mitt was perhaps even scarier than the other guys.

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