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View Diary: YES!!! Soledad WENT THERE -- Condi Rice and the WMD Intel vs Susan Rice and the Benghazi Intel (195 comments)

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  •  The hypocrisy boggles the mind... (24+ / 0-)

    but the simple fact is Benghazi is only a scandal for republicans, most Americans could give a shit. Hell, I follow this shit and even I can't figure out just what the alleged big deal is.

    •  It's all they've got. They have to make political (0+ / 0-)

      hay over this because they have nothing else.  Imagine if there was no Bush history of drone strikes.  The Republicans would be screaming like hell over the strikes, but because Obama has continued a Bush practice the Republicans have to swallow their objections.  Imagine if Obama had done any of the things that were illegal that Bush did, like approving torture, having someone on his staff out a CIA operative, warrantless wiretapping (actually, General Allen might be regretting that now).  The Republicans would be throwing hissy fits all over the place, and I'd actually be agreeing with them.  Since Obama hasn't done those things - or at least has ordered them stopped and I don't think we've heard of incidents since he had them stopped, the Republicans can't blame him for those without reopening the wounds from Bush's regime.  So they have to invent or gin up new outrages.  Mountains out of molehills and the like.

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