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View Diary: YES!!! Soledad WENT THERE -- Condi Rice and the WMD Intel vs Susan Rice and the Benghazi Intel (195 comments)

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  •  Rep. Heck posted this same video on Facebook! (11+ / 0-)

    He must have missed something, because it appears that he is proud of his appearance. He posts the video on his Facebook page with the following introduction:

    "This morning, I went on CNN Starting Point to talk about the hearings being held in the House Intelligence Committee on the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans.

    I remain committed to holding the administration accountable on the attacks and our response in the aftermath. The American people and the families of those we lost deserve answers to questions that still remain unanswered."

    I don't think that he understands that he was talking in circles. His own hypocrisy went right over his head. He doesn't realize that he's just gotten smacked down.

    •  Idiots (4+ / 0-)

      That is the biggest problem with talking to idiots.  They are so f'ing stupid that they don't even KNOW that they are stupid.  They all think that they are brilliant.

      This guy makes a fool of himself on national TV and then can't wait to post it on the internet to show people how brilliant he is.  *FACEPALM*

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