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View Diary: YES!!! Soledad WENT THERE -- Condi Rice and the WMD Intel vs Susan Rice and the Benghazi Intel (195 comments)

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  •  CondeRice lied through her (1+ / 0-)
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    teeth at the congressional hearing regarding the Aug 6th warnings about AQ and 9/11 which the Bushies willfully ignored. She was so twisty it made my head spin.

    RICE. You said did it not warn of attacks. It did not warn of attacks inside the United States. It was historical information based on old reporting. There was no new threat information. And it did not, in fact, warn of any coming attacks inside the United States.  
    The president was told this is historical information.
    RICE. Well, Aug. 6 is most certainly a historical document that says here's how you might think about Al Qaeda. A warning is when you have something that suggests that an attack is impending. And we did not have on the United States threat information that was in any way specific enough to suggest that something was coming in the United States.
    'Commissioner, this was not a warning. This was a historic memo - historical memo prepared by the agency because the president was asking questions about what we knew about the inside.'
    Not intelligence just historical, nothing that merited attention. Just a memo that was historical.

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