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View Diary: Update on Dean Chambers' Reneged Bet (Nov. 15) (52 comments)

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  •  If a dude owed me $1k, I would not be so (15+ / 0-)


    Do you think Dean would have just dropped it if he had won?

    •  on a bet outside a casino, no I wouldn't (6+ / 0-)

      thing anyone owed me money.  I don't take betting seriously in terms of getting paid.  I find being smug and condescending because I was right payment enough.

      •  Hopefully the people you make bets with (2+ / 0-)
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        Ahianne, kbman

        feel the same way.

        If you don't want to pay money, don't bet money.  If you bet money then you should be prepared to pay money.  If you want to bet something to satisfy your smugness, then make the bet about something embarrassing that you don't really care about.  Legality of interpersonal wagering aside (and I would not presume it was illegal everywhere) you made a contract.  This is especially vile because these two are not just friends who have an "understanding" but strangers making what it appears they thought was a real bet.

        Like I said, I fully think Dean would be expecting to collect if he won.  These two even negotiated the use of paypal if I am not mistaken.  He should not be a weasel and back out.  This incident shows that his reputation as a full-of-crap unskewer is not the only knock on his character.

        •  I don't bet money (0+ / 0-)

          because as I said, betting isn't about money to me, I missed the gambler gene entirely.  Granted, people should honor their word,  they should honor their contracts.  But public humiliation, even if they started it in public, and inviting thousands to tweet, email and otherwise harrass someone, even a welcher, goes beyond enforcing a contract.  There are means and ends and to me the means matter as much as the ends.

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