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View Diary: Let's HELP Texas secede. Electoral College Lock GUARANTEED for Dems! (53 comments)

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    you have a lot more fringe elements there than other states.  Follow the white vote - any state that votes <35% Obama (in my opinion) is overpopulated with fringe.  Democrats have been wiped out in the white vote in Texas for a long time (not like the 15-20% Ds get in Mississippi, but still).  

    For some reason, Texas collects weird cults:  Koresh and Jeffs just to name two.  Too many wide open spaces?

    The arrogant white people there need to be pushed back into a hole (someone above said something similar).   I'll believe when I see....  

    •  O frabjous day! We actually meet your threshold. (0+ / 0-)

      Texas returns for 2012

      Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan 4,555,799 57.20%
      Barack Obama/ Joe Biden -  3,294,440 41.36%
      and for 2008:
      John McCain/ Sarah Palin REP 4,479,328 55.45%
      Barack Obama/ Joe Biden DEM 3,528,633 43.68%
      Not great and we backslid a bit this year, but accurate.

      You can't find the right road when the streets are paved. - Bob Marley

      by teknohed on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 06:00:59 AM PST

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