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  •  My daughter, in wealthy Montgomery County, MD (1+ / 0-)
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    had 37 kids in her math class last year. There weren't enough desks for all of them. She was lucky -- she had a great teacher.
    This year there are 36 in her science with a much less skilled teacher.
    I'm curious if this is true all over the county -- we're in the eastern down county area which is the most ethnically and economically diverse, and our schools are carefully walled off from the white, wealthier schools to the west of us. I can't help but wonder if middle schools in Potomac or Bethesda also are struggling with classes approaching 40 students. And even if they are, how many of those students are new to English and from families with minimal resources? A class of 36 well-off kids whose parents can hire tutors is very different from a class of 36 kids, 30% of them speaking English as a second language, and a fairly high percentage of them low income enough to need free school lunches. The kids in her school need and should get more resources than the majority of the kids in the other part of the county.
    Her home middle school (she's in a magnet program at another school) has only one foreign language available: Spanish, and that school is 40% Latino. There aren't even special classes available for native Spanish speakers. Meanwhile, there are middle schools in the western part of the county with 3 or 4 foreign languages (in at least one case they teach Italian, while we can't get the county to provide our high school with Chinese).

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    by Tamar on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 09:24:08 AM PST

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