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View Diary: Is it just me or are the Republicans still flailing around? (Updated) (58 comments)

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  •  They are plotting their comeback (7+ / 0-)

    On a right wing message board I lurk around on. One of the smarter of the bunch is leading a discussion, you know one of the ones who says "come on guys I know its fun to talk about seceeding but it hasn't come that yet".

    This guys idea - lets stop talking about all the social stuff. Because we're experts on, you know, the economy and stuff. But we keep turning off people who just don't understand what we're saying when we talk off the cuff about social issues. And yeah maybe a little bit too much of the Jesus stuff too. What we need to do is only bring that stuff up after we get into office. That way, Americans will see how much better their lives are with conservative policies and they'll all be interested in hearing our social policies then.

    •  The rank and file and TP little people are (7+ / 0-)

      flailing around, but then, they never did really know what's what.  

      The five or six big billionaires that were financing the GOP and the hundred or so in the second tier of donors have moved on now,  returning their attention to their hired lobbyists that will see that the GOP's that were elected deliver on their investments.  

      They are also probably sending feelers over to the elected democrats to see how they can present some sweet deals to them to get their votes on issues important to there never ending pursuit of wealth and power.

      The paid think tanks are probably putting together plans for another takeover of the Senate in 2 more years.  

      The noise in the media is pretty much meaningless for the next six or eight weeks;  can't distract the populace from their Holiday Spending!!

      •  Hopefully the DNC is at work on this... (2+ / 0-)
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        wdrath, Killer of Sacred Cows

        The grabbiness of the Republicans is not to be underestimated.

        We need to get bsack to work!

        President Obama has won, the Senate is in Democratic hands, and America now has to recover from the bitter divide that only the Republicans wanted. Hope for today, tomorrow and the future! Let's get to it!

        by boilerman10 on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 07:45:28 AM PST

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