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View Diary: Yes, Socialized Canadian Health Care Has Waiting Lists (26 comments)

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  •  My friend waited for over 3 months (12+ / 0-)

    for a doctor and hospital to treat his prostate cancer.  3 months right here in the good ole USA!  Don't believe all the horror story's about waits and the like in Canada or some other "European style" health care country.  If you have a heart attack in Canada, you will be able to go to the emergency room for treatment, straight away, same thing here in America.  Seeing a doctor for some other kind of service that is non essential, you got a wait dude, no matter where you are, except for Europe.  Europe has private as well as public systems.  The private system was designed so that you could use it for simple stuff, get in and get out.  If you have heart problems or cancer or the like, you do not use the private system, you use the public one.

    •  That is very interesting. (1+ / 0-)
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      Not knowing anything about the European system you refer to, I would have thought that the private/public use would be the opposite of what you describe: public for the little things and private for the big, read expensive, things. But that is how it would work in America. It would be designed with a supply and demand model in mind. We love to make sure our wealthy get the good stuff.

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