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View Diary: What should we do about the retaliating fat cats? (68 comments)

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  •  here's the error in their logic (5+ / 0-)

    health insurance premiums and rates  were SKYROCKETING , like 30 % per year for small businesses who covered employees, years before Obama even took office.
    that is one reason Obamacare slowed the rise of out of control insurance rates.
     for decades now these chains have slashed workers hours , and trimmed their pay to ensure that they had to pay no benefits. you have seen the photo of  the papa john douchebags castle home haven't you? how many  little surcharges did that cost?

    good small businesses try to do right by their employees , and in return have loyal, experienced employees. they don't wail about it like these fat cat hypocrites..

    the most hideous example of this is the aetna guy, who is in the insurance business. excuse me but ,f%^k him and his company.

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