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View Diary: World's Gettin' Hot - "Got Water?" The Idiocy of Water Law (44 comments)

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  •  You make some really good/interesting points: (12+ / 0-)

    I think you know much more on many topics here than I do, but you have been so interesting in your attention that I do want to address a few.

    In-stream rights -  - you are correct, nowadays, through statutes, groups such as the Sierra Club and the Riverkeepers purchase water rights and are allowed (in some jurisdictions) to keep the water "in stream" b/c that is how they want to use it.  This would NOT be allowed by "classic" water law, but is enabled by statutes in some jurisdictions.

    Ground Water - - This subject is near and dear to my heart b/c I rep'd some HUGE (biggest in the world) trout farms that used water from springs in the aquifer to raise their trout.  These "spring rights" were very very valuable b/c they were the oldest, obviously fresh clear water that is pushing itself up into the land would be the first to be grabbed up.  So, obviously you have the right to shut down anyone depleting it, right???

    Yeah, sort of.  On our aquifer there were 250,000 ground water users, every one of whom is somewhat responsible for your spring drying up.  So, what do you do?  Do what we did, sue all of them and demand that they stop using until your springs come up.  Harsh?  Only if you think destroying the regions economy is a bad thing.

    And yet we HAD to do something and ultimately the political will of 250,000 people could not stand up to the banks/corporate interests who NEED to see the law upheld to have any faith in your economy.  Ultimately, of course, we did not shut them down, we simply made them pay us millions and develop engineering practices near us that kept ground water more stable near our springs.

    What a country!!!

    Blessed are the peacemakers, the poor, the meek and the sick. Message to Repug Fundies: "DO you really wonder "what would Jesus do?" I didn't think so.

    by 4CasandChlo on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 10:59:14 AM PST

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