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View Diary: BREAKING: Hostess Brands to close as revenge for the striking workers standing up for their rights (351 comments)

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  •  I Seem to Recall The Execs Took an 80% Pay..... (21+ / 0-)

    increase just 1-2 yrs ago while stiffing the workers....When that got out they back pedaled a bit.  My first job was at Continental Baking Company, which ran the Wonder / Hostess brands for many years until they were first bought out by Ralston Purina and then by Interstate.  CBC was a well run company back then.  The President of the company (at that time owned by ITT) was a former route truck driver.  The execs understood the baking industry.  I visited many of the factories around the country and was impressed in most cases by the operations.  Since I left in the 1980s I get the sense that things changed drastically for the worse.  As mentioned, fellow DKos'er RuralRoute, has described much of the background.

    Today I saw a picture of the Ogden Utah bakery on one of the newspapers websites.  I spent time there in the early 80's.  It was a very well run shop.  A lot of pride in the people that make Home Pride bread.  This is a sad day for bakers, former bakers, and workers across the country.

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