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View Diary: Face it Republicans. Obama is the Democrat's Reagan. (264 comments)

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  •  A point about youth (16+ / 0-)
    I was 12 when a popular and charismatic Ronald Reagan excited a generation of people, including America's youth.
    There undoubtedly were some young people who viewed Reagan positively, but by no means was this a universal feeling.

    I was starting graduate school the year he was elected, and I remember watching that campaign in disbelief. It was an embarrassment to me that such a person could even be viewed as a possible candidate for presdient. I was extremely disappointed when he won and watched over the next 8 years as my deep concerns about him were not just met, but exceeded.

    Through the Clinton impeachment affair I felt similar feelings of disappointment and embarrassment for this nation; though the impeachment circus was so ridiculous that it was clear it had been engineered by a pack of wild dogs solely for partisan gain. Despite President Clinton not being convicted and remaining in office to the end of his term, we were a laughingstock on the world stage.

    But it took George W. Bush for me to once again feel those feelings of deep despair. How could such a person be viewed as a possible president? He was clearly unprepared. He was incurious, mean, and dismissive of opposing views. It took Mr. Bush to make me realize that Mr. Reagan was, at least, not the worst president in living memory.

    But he was very, very bad nevertheless. We mustn't let  the Republicans' carefully crafted Reagan hagiography wipe that reality away.


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