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View Diary: We got the good news today: our insurance premiums are going up because of Obamacare (287 comments)

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  •  Health insurance premiums go up every year (2+ / 0-)
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    The companies are just using Obamacare as an excuse. I can see how their costs would be slightly higher as a result, because they can no longer charge copays on certain things and are required to cover preexisting conditions for children, but for the most part they are just using Obamacare to do what they would have done anyway.

    •  In many cases the copay (4+ / 0-)

      is not a profit issue so much as a social incentive along the lines of "if we ask people to pay a little something, they will appreciate it more and not abuse it" -  a buy in. Not a bad idea overall, but it's clear that, when it comes to health care, people will do what they have to do to get the care they need.

      For someone having to make a lot of individual doctor visits because of some more complicated condition, the co-pays do add up, and then become a dis-incentive to get care, which then costs a lot more later.

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