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View Diary: Rockets hitting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - all bets are off (104 comments)

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  •  We are reality based community here (9+ / 0-)

    And what you are saying, is to put it mildly, misleading.
    Here is a link to Gershon Baskin's own words:

    There was no deal ta hand.  Baskin floated his peace proposal couple of months ago, in his own words, with no success on either side.  He tried it again this month.  That's the proposal that was in the hands of Jaabari.

    The way you say it, it sounds like the prposal in Jaabari's hands was some overture from Israeli government.  It is just not true.

    If Hamaz really wants to help Palestinian people, they should renounce violence, recognize state of Israel, and start spending money on roads and schools, and not on longer-range missiles.  It's that simple.  Gaza is not occupied.  It has now a very porous border with Egypt.  It is 100% in the hands of Hamaz to make Gaza an oasis of peace and prosperity, or, alternatively, into a sea of despair and suffering.

    •  What part of that article (1+ / 0-)
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      is causing you problems?  It is clear from his own words, that there was in fact, a draft proposal.  Here is how something like that works.  You start something and negotiate with a draft proposal.  Kind of like bidding on a project.  You have a draft proposal that you present to the powers to be and they make changes and negotiate for different portions that they like and for the ones they don't like.  That is what the man is saying.  He is saying that he did have a proposal in its draft form, and the man killed had just gotten it for review.  Pretty plain that there was on side that did not want to negotiate and now, look where it is.

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