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  •  Terrorism is a tactic (3+ / 0-)
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    used by those who have a cause so important to them that they see violence as the only solution but who are not a state actor and therefore do not observe the niceties of uniforms, official declarations of war, and the like.

    Terrorism is a tactic wherein you target civilian populations in order to generate enough death, fear, and chaos so that the civilians demand that their government do something to stop it. Sometimes those who use terrorist tactics achieve their goals - the Palestinians in the West Bank are more "free" today than they were before the first Intifada which led to the Oslo talks. Sometimes they fail - the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

    Hamas and Islamic Jihad use terrorism as a tactic. In the short term, they get to cause a lot of mayhem for Israeli Jews (both groups are clearly anti-semitic where Fatah is much less so). In the medium term, they get to cause conflicts in which the death toll of Palestinians outpaces deaths of Israelis by up to a 100 to 1 ratio (Cast Lead in '08).

    In the long term, they may honestly believe that they can destroy Israel. No one ever said that my version of rationality is shared by others.

    Some groups find it easier to abandon terror as a tactic when the time comes - see Fatah, see the IRA. Some do not.

    The reason sovereign states come down so hard on those using terrorism as a tactic is because it completely breaks the social compact between the state and its citizens; the state's first duty is to protect its civilian population. If terrorist tactics become the norm then it is impossible for a state to fulfill that social compact and it all goes to hell.

    If you believe that ALL criticism of Israel is antisemitic, you're an idiot.
    If you believe that NONE of the criticism of Israel is antisemitic, you're a fool.
    If you call EVERYONE who criticizes Israel antisemitic, you're just an a$$hole

    by A Gutin Daf on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 10:35:58 AM PST

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