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  •  Ricardo's 19....................yes, good memories (3+ / 0-)

    Founded at a time when companies actually felt they needed to pay their workers a living wage.  People who are in contact with their employees every day retain a certain amount of humanity toward them, they are less inclined to think of them as a "Human Resource".  

    I worked for GM for many years and always felt like "family".  We had a good benefit package and decent wages, there was very little turnover.  Then Reagan came into office in 1980.  I felt the shift in attitude almost immediately.   Having been the fair-haired employee for many years, I found I had suddenly turned into the village idiot, along with a lot of other "mid level" employees with a lot of years and visions of an early retirement.  

    It isn't that these companies aren't profitable, they are.  The difference is HOW profitable.  Many companies and Wall Street think that a company should earn 20-30% a year, that is just not practical without slave labor and a lot of other ways to beat the system.    

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