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  •  thanks for the link to track the MIC (5+ / 0-)

    I had never known about it before.

    Contracts, contracts and other stuff.

    Why isn't this covered by the corporate media?

    Why, the corporations run the country along with the banksters and the military people. Can't wait until the surveillance state breaks out big time and goes after us!!

    It can't happen here. We will be the first country in history which has such an awesome capability and not use it.

    Something to think about:

    What if Romney won? Then since Obama institutionalized the worst of Bush's civil liberties abuses, President Romney with his disposition matrix could kill anyone in the world, that includes us, and all without any oversight. But we trust Obama, and it will only used on bad guys, the "terrorists" a word as Glenn Greenwald points out is undefined but can be used to justify anything!!!

    Meanwhile, the Grand Bargain is the manufactured crisis of the day and we will see how this trivial problem fills the media for the next few months.

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