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  •  Celebration is important, even for baby steps. (4+ / 0-)

    There is virtually nothing in this diary's assessment of the enormous challenges we face with which I disagree. My simultaneous hope for our movement, though, is that we can somehow manage to avoid getting bogged down under the weight of enormity as we keep doggedly building this thing. And by all means we should celebrate the steps, however small, and of course in their correct context.

    Nobody wants to join anything that even remotely looks or feels like a Debby Downer movement, just like nobody really wants to fight for the candidate who's 10 points down.

    One of the problems with climate change, for example, is that it just appears to be so enormous that it overwhelms the average person, including many who otherwise thrive on academic or scientific discussion. The human mind is in many ways ill-equipped for understanding doom, especially impending doom. We default to coping mechanisms like wishful thinking or denial or what have you - hell, most of us, rightly or wrongly, believe in our hearts that we're that one guy or gal in the movie that survives the zombie apocalypse (and for the record, I would totally survive that shit).

    So all in all this is a long way of saying: the issues we face aren't fun, but that doesn't mean our movement can't include some level of levity and celebration. I think it'll be far more inviting and inclusive if we can manage this balance that addresses serious problems without overwhelming the neural circuits.

    And to be clear, I am NOT implying this diary argues otherwise. I just think it's an important point that can't be repeated enough.

    "Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel." -Sepp Herberger

    by surfbird007 on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 01:02:21 PM PST

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